Platinum Romance Dating Service Online review

Platinum RomancePlatinum Romance brings people together who share the desire to meet and explore others. They are an affiliate of American singles that is why if you notice when you sign up the sign form is American Singles.even the links at the bottom are from the main site. so really to get a good idea of what PlatinumRomance offers, after you have read this review, is check out our review on American Singles. 

I cannot really say that the service is bad as i have to take into consideration that.. we place American Singles in our top 10.. and platinum romance is just an affiliation of that company and its services.. So same database, same people can be found at

Platinum Romance Reviewed 


  • Presentation of basic and optimum requirements
  • optimized search for bringing people together
  • free trial option
  • an American singles affiliate program
  • jobs related and career to be found in the area of dating
  • safety tips and privacy deeds