Are hookups safe with condom: what popular hookupers say

There are two opposite opinions on safe casual sex with condoms in a modern world. On one side, they are given for free to the students, young people in poor districts, and so on.

Therefore, they are considered important and safe. On another side, it is already known the condoms rubber doesn’t protect from the smallest viruses such as HIV. So, there’s a controversy.

“I never hookup without condoms, but it’s not enough for complete safety”, David says. “Remember one can get infected via the saliva as well. Reduce wet kisses to the minimum.

Do oral through the condoms too, or at least use protecting gels for all types of interaction. If you want to have a stable hookup, focus on him or her and take care of their medical checking.

There are groups of risk you should never contact for unprotected sex with. Cheap escort girls, women known for having many lovers, girls from very poor areas and countries.

If you’re cautious enough though, all goes well. Don’t forget to do the tests as well and make sure your health remains fine, especially after the contacts you consider doubtful”.

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