Best 3 dating apps for dating

Dating online: before and now

Decades ago, dating online was mostly classical and meant for mail order brides meeting. Today, when we talk about dating platforms, it can mean anything, the choice is really diverse.

Not only they divide into certain categories of people by race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, but also they can specialize in long-term or short-term relationships, as well as experiments in sex.

When phone applications replaced desktop sites, it created better conditions for a privacy and anonymity and allowed people fulfil their most kinky fantasies.

That’s why the majority of dating blogs and experts make separate Top-lists on each category. It’s not easy to generalize and make a common Top-list of dating apps.

But since dating is still dating, i.e. the process associated with romance, profound feelings, and continuous communication, we composed this list of recommended apps for those who seek a mate.young elite dating app

No. 3 dating app

OKCupid must be the dating platform you’ve heard about many times. It’s extremely popular worldwide so it unites all categories of singles, although the main purpose is flirting and casual affairs.

Many claim they found love on this app, but not too many stories ended up in marriage. The reputation is everything, so users forgive certain flaws for the ability to meet people around the globe.

No. 2 dating app

Plenty of Fish, or POF is also often called one of the most qualitative dating apps, reliable and inexpensive. Although it has its own little problems and doesn’t weed out all the scammers, it’s pretty good.

All kinds of singles can join it as well, including Black, Asian, kinky, or LGBT. But it’s mostly popular among the youth, especially students who seek flirting and casual meetings.

No. 1 dating app

Brilic is finally the app that suits everyone and covers all needs. It’s not so new anymore as it already proved its high quality for one year of work. Its big database of members is impressive.

Brilic is actually an elite dating app accordingly to its pricing policy, trendy design, and fine services it provides. However, it’s free for women so it’s loved by them even more.

This awesome app offers Asian dating, Eastern European dating, Latin and African dating as well as classical local dating. There is an informative blog for Russian women so they’re interested to join.

recommended dating apps

Why elite dating apps went so popular

Brilic perfectly shows the recent global tendency to value the quality. Success and money can be criticized only by the losers, and it’s obvious. Elite apps like Brilic, promote success and make it a norm.

Along with Raya and Tinder Select, Brilic gathers together people who don’t have an issue with paying for new connections, because it’s prestigious and promising.

As a young elite dating app, it is passing its second stage at the moment. The first stage was serving all kinds of singles with a long trial period, to attract the customers and get famous.

The second stage is gathering successful singles under its wing and motivating them to keep on using exactly this elite dating club in order to find the most decent partner.

The third stage is usually closing the doors for average people and making it possible to join only by invitation or after staying in a waiting list for months. Brilic is on its way to that.

But let’s analyze why this strategy works the best in a dating world. There should be the reasons why thousands of people make this choice instead of joining the simplest apps.

  • Mail order brides of the best quality. Elite apps like Brilic, do not demand that a female member is financially successful, but she should have a good education and brains.
  • Sugar dating possibilities. There are some elite dating apps that absolutely exclude the sugar dating option, but the majority of them allow girls search for prosperous men online.
  • Excellent technical support. Even the most expensive dating apps rarely offer a qualitative 24/7 support, but elite dating apps do provide it so it’s worthy of every cent.
  • Raising of self-esteem. It’s natural for people to do their best for joining the highest society, especially with intense couching about that everywhere we go.

The last point is actually the most influential one. We all are very social by our nature and we need other people’s recognition, acceptance, and approval. Elite dating apps let us feel it.

It would be a hypocrisy to say that we want to stay on our current level forever, and date the most average girls available for each jobless man. Who wants that? No one!

That’s why the elite dating gradually wins all positions in the market and becomes a choice number one for many. Some men use it for tricking the beautiful girls, but we don’t like the tricks right?

Since Brilic is on its second stage, it doesn’t require new members to browse their latest tax bill or the bank statement like some other elite dating apps do. But it’s in near future.

For now, no one can really prove or disprove members’ financial stability, so a man can just invest into his membership on Brilic yet keeping his meetings in real brief and inexpensive.

It helps them date the most gorgeous and educated beauties from all over the globe, including local sugar babies and model-looking smarties. Not bad, and it brings 5 stars to Brilic!

qualitative dating apps

How to differ a mail order bride from a sugar baby

Since all categories of single women are so mixed on Brilic and some other elite apps, it makes sense to learn how to differ these categories from each other.

It’s kind of relieving to have an app that unites people for serious relationships as well, not only for short-term affairs, vacation time, or other limited agreements.

  • A sugar baby is either very young or overly glamorous, or both. While a mail order bride is naturally beautiful, knows her worth, and may wear casual clothes.
  • A sugar baby smiles on her photos and videos with a predatory smile, tricky eyes, the expression of her face is a bit arrogant and snobby. A bride’s smile is cosy and quiet.
  • A sugar baby lists in her profile her dating conditions, or at least makes hints on her demands in future. A bride lists her moral and emotional expectations.
  • Everything about a sugar baby is sex. Her postures, her dresses, her enlargened lips and breasts. A mail order bride is surely sexy but also smart and good-natured.
  • A sugar baby wants luxurious getaways only while a mail order bride expects you to come to her city and visit her family.

There are much more warning signs but you got the main idea. These categories of girls have different purposes of search, so they look differently and behave differently.

Not depending on their national mentality or environment, they use similar ways to attract men and similar approaches. So you won’t get mistaken in your analysis.

Some men are afraid all sugar babies are in fact gold diggers, plus very good actresses. But it’s far from the truth. Despite of this popular myth, not all women are inborn conditions

The gold digger is someone who gives very little, takes away from you a lot, and this unfair attitude is very unexpected. While a sugar baby is discussing things in advance.

They differ from escort girls as well because they date only someone they like, at least a little bit. They do not sell themselves for money ignoring all other factors.

Sugar babies make a deal with a man for a vacation, for a month, for 6 months, but not longer. Sometimes, escort girls make a deal for a season as well, but it’s way more expensive.

Finally, sugar babies happen to be innocent or almost innocent, since they dated only a few sugar daddies before. While you never know how many hundreds of lovers an escort girl had.

Men who seek casual relationships, should take a chance with less experienced sugar baby and make her like them. But serious men should focus on mail order brides only.

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