#5. JewishMatch Dating Service, JewishMatch.com Review

Jewish MatchJewish Match has a slogan “Where Jewish Singles Click” They have been a web dating site since 1997, which is half a century in Internet time. They have had bounty of time to perfect the service and the outcome is one of the most interactive, safe and pleasant dating services on the net.
JewishMatch is having people all around the globe joining on a daily basis as they are one of the very few web services with the technology for a truly multilingual service. They provide you with a mailing system that will never show any of your personal details. You are notified when you receive mail with an instant link to the profile of the person that has sent you the mail, no mysteries there. CyberCupid is their automated match finder that will do the  work for you. As there are thousands of members and just as many joining all the timekeeping up with potentially suitable matches can be time consuming. All you need to do is give CyberCupid your match criteria and it will scout the database for you on a regular basis. When it finds a match you are be notified by e-mail. Jewish Match.com has news, articles, and events that they hold even close to you.

Jewish Match Reviewed

  • Multilingual communities
  • Create FREE Profile with your own Photo
  • Secure and anonymous email
  • Instant Messanger
  • See hows online live update
  • Cyber cupid (instant notifier)
  • News and events daily
  • Notifications with instant links

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